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  • Eastern GoTürkiye

    Eastern Anatolia is home to the magnificent Mount Ağrı and Lake Van.

    Located in the eastern most part of Türkiye, the whole region can be compared to one huge national park. Spectacular and dramatic views await you. This region is rich in natural foliage and many stunning ski resorts, as well as breath-taking archaeological sites. If you want to escape the west and go back in time to how life used to be then this is the region for you.

    The sparsely populated Eastern Anatolian Region of Türkiye is covered with high mountains (the average elevation of the peaks being more than 3,000 metres). Many of the peaks are extinct volcanoes (with the traces of lava left behind confirming the fact that they have been active in the recent past). Mount Ağrı, the supposed landing place of Noah’s Ark, is located here.

    The productive, bountiful belts such as the Muş Valley (lying west of Lake Van) and the various river valleys are where human settlements have traditionally been. The remaining parts of the Eastern Anatolian Region comprising the northern rugged highlands, the craggy mountains and the vast lands of the eastern region are barren wasteland without any capacity to support human survival.